Pelikan – Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen


Product Description:
A new specially developed grip profile
Modern, trendy styling
Anti-roll fitting on the cap and shaft
Sturdy, flexible nib
Special model for left-handers

Four translucent colors:


Pelikan – Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen

The Pelikano Junior fountain pen in an up-to-date and modern design consists of a pressure-resistant and elastic nib.
Moreover, the learn-to-write fountain pen has a newly developed special gripping area for a perfect grip.
The design is well‑adapted to meet the needs of children.
The pen also has a roll-away obstructor on the cap and the barrel.
The Pelikano Junior fountain pens are available in four up-to-date colors!

Learning to write is fun
When children get their hands on things, they may not treat them in the gentlest of fashions. This applies just as much when they are learning to write. A children’s fountain pen must therefore be able to stand up to a lot, be designed to offer children what they need, and at the same time have an appearance that is attractive to the target group. The new Pelikano Junior fulfills all these criteria to perfection, which makes it an ideal writing instrument for those just beginning to learn to write.

Available in four up-to-the-minute translucent colours:


Blue, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Violet

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