Fine Writing – Souveran M 600


Product Description:

A true classic!

Elegantly designed fountain pens
Piston mechanism
Striped body made of celluloid acetate
24-carat gold-plated clip
14-carat gold nib
Rhodium trim


Fine Writing – Souveran M 600

A true classic!

In the year 1929, Pelikan was the first company that introduced the differentiated piston mechanism. This technique causes the spindle inside the fountain pen to turn quicker than the end piece of the barrel, with the help of two different threads.
The model was launched in 1950, with its green striped sleeve and now it has become a world-wide symbol for the brand of Pelikan. This series was called Souveran.
The design and technical details of this pen have been developed but the basic mechanism remains the same.

Facts and Figures
Piston filler including a 24 carat gold plating and an elaborately striped body made of celluloid acetate. The nibs of the models M600 are made of 14 carat/585 gold. All nibs are refined with a rhodium decor and their writing qualities were tested by hand.

This fountain pen exists in many different color variations:

Size / Length
With closed cap: 13.3 cm
With cap fixed on end: 15.4 cm

18.0 g


Black, Black-Blue, Black-Green, Black-Red

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