Canon Calculator F-789SGA


This scientific calculator covers 605 functions and has Dual-Way textbook display (Mathematical and Line) to offer greater ease. With its convenient and efficient scientific operations, it is best for users at both, elementary and professional levels.

Primary features include:
605 scientific & statistical functions
79 scientific constants and 172 metric conversions
Features an “Apps” menu for maximum convenience when using various functions

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Canon Calculator F-789SGA


Display Type: Liquid Crystal Display
Line of Display: Dual-way Textbook Display (Maths & Line mode)
Display Screen Size: 61 x 25mm

General Calculation: Yes
Total Functions: 605
Store & Recall Memory: 19
Metric Conversion: 172
Scientific Constants: 79
Calculation Expression Direct Input: Yes
Parentheses: 99
Random Number: Yes
Least Common Multiple (LCM): Yes
Greatest Common Divisor (GCD): Yes
Quotient & Remainder Calculation (Q…r): Yes
Sum & product of the Input Function (∑ & ∏): Yes
Prime Factorization (Pfact): Yes
Absolute Value Calculation (Abs): Yes
Max & Min value in number series: Yes
Multi-statement Calculation: Yes
Improper, Mix Fractions, Decimal conversion: Yes
Module Calculation (Mod): Yes
Matrix Calculations (MATX): 4 X 4
Equation Operation (EQN): Up to Quartic & 4 unknown
Trigonometry, Inverse Trigonometry: Yes
Angles (Degree, Radian, Gradient): Yes
Coordination Conversion (Rectangular <-> Polar): Yes
Low Battery Indication: Yes
Automatic Power Off: Yes (7mins.)

Power Source: Dual Power ( Solar and Battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 168 x 80 x 17.3mm (with cover) & 168 x 80 x 13.15mm (without Cover)
Weight: 120g (with Hard Case) & 88g (without Hard Case)

Other Features
1. 7 minutes of memory protection when powered off
2. The body casing is completely anti-bacterial
3. A few parts are made using recycle Canon product materials

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