Canon Calculator AS-2200R


With key rollover and 120 steps check and correct function, this 12-digit calculator is suitable for professionals who seek high accuracy

Primary features include:
120 steps check & correct function
Auto check function
Adjustable display

Canon Calculator AS-2200R


Display Type: Adjustable LCD Display
Digit Display: 12-Digit
Display Screen Size: 91.5 x 23.8mm

Constant Calculation: Yes
Business Calculation: N/A
Tax Calculation: N/A
Check and Correct: Yes
Auto Check: Yes
Memory: Yes (RM, CM, M+, M-)
Grand Total: N/A
Reverse Key (RV): N/A
Sign Change: Yes
Shift Key / Backspace Key: Yes
Decimal: Yes (+, 4, 3, 2, 0, F)
Rounding: Yes (Up, 5 / 4, Dn)
Automatic Power Off: Yes (Approx. 7mins.)

Power Source: Dual Power (Battery + Solar)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 198 x 140 x 34mm
Weight: 204g

Other Features
1. Adjustable LCD Panel
2. Stylish arc Shape Body
3. Key Rollover
4. Partially made from recycled materials of Canon products

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